Saturday, February 21, 2009

Countdown on til Saturday night!

See you all on Saturday!!! Finale party. 4:30-8:00pm. Linn Canyon Ranch. Victor, ID. Local live bluegrass music, Big Sky Brewery Beer, Garlic Bread. Who could ask for anything more!?!

Contact us for more information or xoxo.

Longmont, CO then Lander, WY

With Kat on board for the final stretch... the Airstream and the Little Toyota That Could made it's savvy way NORTH!! Big thanks to Sheila & Janie and the Longmont soiree. Yummy grub, great community, & lots of pants flying off the shelves! Thanks as well for the sing along... and another MATCHING ANT - Hoorah!!

Wednesday brought us to the wild city of... Lander, WY. Thanks to Drew for the NOLS party and The Noble. A quickie show, the after party was a hoot!!  Wish I had some photos to post... but the laughter was loud and the country tunes were certainly crooning! 

"Give her another pickle..."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vail Houseparty a Hoot!!

Betsy & friends thank you oh so much for such a fun evening!! Our first party where the men outnumbered the gals and new pants were striding around the house with great gusto & flair!! Check out the photos... they say enough indeed!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Check to the Colorado Garden & Home Show complete. Whew!! Check out a few new photos from our travels...& be sure to send us some if you'd like to share! Tomorrow we're off to Vail for a houseparty at Betsy's... then back to our homebase in the driveway of Erin & Marc for Monday night before we split to Longmont, and pick up our dear friend Kat on Tuesday. (Hoorah!) We were beyond giddy tonight leaving the convention center - raucous laughter sealed the scene as we waited for numerous elevators and our "don't call my dolly cute" antics. Thank goodness for the next few houseparties... and that finale Driggs party in sight!!! Yeeehawwww!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks to CO Garden & Home Show Attendees!!

Big thanks to all for the many visits to our 10' x 10' booth found on row 400, #487 downtown at the Convention Center. The weekend was tremendous in attendance... with many pants hitting the windy streets of Denver. Five days left - don't hesitate to drop by, try on pants, fancy new belts, or those oh-so-coveted red sweatshirts! 

A huge thank you to Mama Calhoun who joined the roadshow tour while we settle a bit in the big city. Thanks for the yummy meals out & about... and your superb laughs & company! Sure are looking forward to the 27th floor! Also thank you to Erin & Marc, our Airstream in the driveway hosts, we are so enjoying your home, company and kind generosity. xoxo

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot Chile Pepper sweeps the Airstream

We're both in the middle of epic coughing fits due to Albuquerque dried red chile pepper swath breaking and crunching underfoot for a few days. Sarah & Em might go into homemade pepper spray if this pants thing doesn't work. More details to come...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BIG thanks to Heidi & Casey!!

  • Two cases Big Sky Brewery beer overwhelmingly consumed. Check.
  • Grapefruit juice & Wild Turkey cocktails. Check.
  • Chimenea still smoking at 8:30am. Check.
  • Em daydreaming of snow & unable to sleep a wink past 3:30am. Check.
  • Sarah, Em & Nellie running (for fun) down the Griegos Drainage by 7am. Check.
  • Absolutely whooped. Check, check & check.
  • Taos houseparty in less than 8 hours & subsequently living the dream. Check.